La BFF, ou Balle Flèche Flexible s’inscrit dans la droite ligne de la classique BFS. Comme sa « grande sœur », ce projectile sous-calibré, offre des qualités balistiques, vitesse et précision, remarquables découlant de la conception originale de la BFS. Avec la BFF entrez dans l’univers SAUVESTRE pour un prix attractif et optimisez les performances de votre arme !

La cartouche, pour fusils à canons chokés ou non, lisses ou rayés, comprend la douille amorcée et chargée ainsi que la balle flèche complète. Ses qualités balistiques proviennent de la combinaison d’une flèche sous-calibrée comportant un noyau central très dur entouré par une masse d’alliage de plomb et d’un sabot de lancement, constitué par deux demi-bourres annulaires qui assurent (...)
JOBS & CAREERS | How do I apply properly ?

We are looking for enthusiastic, proactive employees who want to set new standards with us ! Love of hunting, design and of course maximum precision links us all. If you are prepared to take on responsibility and work in a performance-oriented manner, then you have come to the right place !

What is the right way to apply ?

Your application documents are the first impression we gain of you. So it follows that the more meaningful your documents are, the better we can build up a picture of you.

Your complete application documents will include :
- Personal information incl. contact data (telephone number, e-mail address, etc.)
- Covering letter
- Photo
- Curriculum vitae
- Certificates, confirmations regarding relevant profession development courses

If you are applying for a position that is being advertised, please refer explicitly to the functional description in your covering letter. If you are applying speculatively, please tell us the area within our company that you would like to work in.

What course does the application process take ?

After we receive your documents, you will be sent a letter explaining the further course of the application.

If you make the shortlist, you will be invited to an initial meeting. At this meeting it is important for us to get to know you as a person and to introduce you to our company and our corporate culture. At this point we can decide together whether you would fit in with our company and could actively practise our values. In some selection processes a second meeting is arranged at which specialist skills are scrutinised again in greater detail. If the HR department decides in your favour, what is known as an acceptance meeting takes place at which you will be given a copy of the employment contract. Discussion of the employment contract is an important matter for us as we want you to have understood all the points it contains, we can answer any questions you may have on the spot and you can start your new employment and a joint future with us with a good feeling.

We look forward to welcoming you soon as a new employee in our company !

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